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Ever since 1995 Ukraine is faced with a epidemically spreading drug addiction. In its aftermath the HIV epidemic as well as a new tuberculosis epidemic could spread uncurbed. About 47 million people are living in Ukraine. (WHO, 2008). An estimated 430 000 people older than 15 years are infected with the human immunodeficiency (HIV), 190 000 of them are women. In the age group of the 15- to 49-year olds a prevalence of 1.6% is assumed (UNAIDS, 2008a). Read more...


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MOSCOW (AP) -- A top Russian anti-AIDS coordinator on Friday lambasted the government's approach to fighting HIV, saying the number of registered cases was growing 10 percent a year despite increased federal funding.

A misguided focus on treatment instead of prevention has undermined efforts to combat AIDS, said Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the state-funded Federal AIDS Center, which is charged with coordinating efforts.
''It seems to me that we still have no national policy on fighting AIDS,'' Pokrovsky said. ''We are running in place, and meanwhile HIV is spreading.''

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04 December 2008 |

Inadequate medicine, ineffective cooperation and low awareness exacerbate Ukraine's soaring infection rate

If there's anything worse than having AIDS, maybe it's having the disease in Ukraine. Discrimination, unstable supplies of critical medicine and poor awareness are still prevalent.

Maksym Nikolayenko would know. He is among those HIV-positive Ukrainians whose virus has progressed to AIDS. He is no longer afraid or silent. "I am tired of hiding it. I've realized if people keep silent, AIDS will choke all of us," Nikolayenko said.

Nikolayenko understands why other HIV/AIDS patients are still afraid and silent. He also doesn't recommend that all HIV-positive people speak out and reveal their status. "Discrimination is all over the country," Nikolayenko said. "And it's scary."

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The Situation

Ever since 1995 Ukraine experiences an epidemic spread of drug addiction. As a result the HIV epidemic and a new tuberculosis epidemic were able to spread unchecked. About 47 million people live in Ukraine (WHO, 2008). Estimated 430,000 people above 15 years are infected with HIV; 190,000 of them are women. The assumed prevalence in the age group of the 15-49- year olds is 1.6% (UNAIDS, 2008a).

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On the edge - six stories of AIDS in Ukraine

Berlin director tells story of AIDS in Ukraine

6 December: "On the edge - six stories of AIDS in Ukraine" opens in Charlottenburg at 8 pm

Berlin-based filmmaker Karsten Hein's new documentary about AIDS in eastern Ukraine premieres Wednesday in Charlottenburg. "On the edge - six stories of AIDS in Ukraine," in German and Russian with German subtitles, aims to raise awareness of the awful state of things in this part of the country, whose residents are plagued by AIDS and tuberculosis because of needle sharing and prostitution. This was the filmmaker's second trip to the region - his first film, "We don't want to die like this" (So wollen wir nicht sterben) - focused on AIDS in Odessa. Tickets cost Euro 7.50.

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