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Bob Battersby: Anything bad or evil like this seems to be too much for most folk. We all need to calm down, break down and discuss such threats to our survival. Emotional intelligence, and the understanding that some of those amongst us have predatory personality disorders such as psychopathy will help to reverse the astronomical (African) HIV rates in Odessa and its hinterland. All must acknowledge the existence of evil.
(11.18.2004, 01:00)

Bob Battersby: This is an abomination how this virus has spread by addiction to poppy straw opiates. It seems possibly 10% plus of the Odessa population are HIV+ due to this awful addiction and weakness. The drug barons and those other psychopathic aiders of this need to be eliminated from the equation in order for the rest of the population to live. When one has evil people amongst them, education of their evil, their lies and deceit is necessary to survive.
(11.07.2004, 02:21)

Dr. Klemens Ochel, Missionsärztliches Institut: Ich wünsche dem Film große Beachtung und Anerkennung. Es ist kaum vorstellbar, was sich zwei Flugstunden entfernt von Berlin an menschlichem Drama ereignet.
(08.24.2004, 22:32)